Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dream Cancun - Vacation Eddition

Oh my goodness, i want to go on vacation so bad, that i even draw it on my nail, to make me feel more like vacations. Does many of you are planning on beach vacation this summer?
I still don't know if something will work out for us, we kind of looking, but did not even decided anything seriously. All i can dream about right now is to be under the palm tree on the sandy beach :)
My husby is from Florida, so he does not really understand why i am so crazy about big water and palms. I am originally from a cold region of Russia, and the closest big water is 5 hours fly - and still it only will be arctic ocean. So palms for me is something really really cool. Haven' t seen it a lot in my life.


  1. omg g0rjuz h0w did u d0 th0se cute lil dolphins sooo adorableee

  2. Another beautiful job that you've done. Love the graduation look. I can almost hear the splash from the dolphin.

  3. aw... dolphins are so so cute!!!
    i love beaches! :P

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