Monday, June 15, 2009

Dollar nails

Before your nails will look like a million dollars, you have to start somewhere. What about nails that look like just one dollar?
where is nothing impossible in my nail-art world :) Dollar nails . And in fact i contribute this manicure to the "Dollar tree " stores, for keeping some cheap and cool nail stuff. (I bet they do, i see in other blogs all great goodies girls get where, just not in my state lol ) It s a new type of hunting for me, i check all the dollar stores that i can find in any destinations everywhere i go , but mostly its the same stuff everywhere, and very little of nail stuff :(
However my Husby spoiled me today with 1 bottle of polish during grocery shopping. And some mani comming up soon with this lovely color.


  1. lol that is too funny, Im actually playing around with a set of nails i bought at the dollar store to practice wit and just happen to click on your post. I have had some good finds at that store!

  2. Yeah, i just cant believe you got all the art club paints in dollar store , i hope they will bring it sometime in Colorado too. All i can find where so far are some ugly 100 years old polishes (3 different colors in one pack) and false nails, that i nether use and don't really understand what they are for :)

  3. That's cute!! I like the idea of the dollar signs on your nails. :)

  4. Great idea. Looks really cute. Nice husband finding those polishes!