Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink Lace 2 ( improved)

I already posted one time nails called pink lace, but here is an improved version. ( in fact just cant come up with the name for this one, so trying to make a trick here)
I really like how those came up. I was doing it for the graduation party of my husbands friend daughter, but after i was done, i realized that the party is not tomorrow but Saturday, so probably will have to make another manicure for the party. By the way - no photoshop here , at all :0 So , see, i am not that bad in doing my nails.
For Vanessa - the graduating dougtcher of my husbands friend, i made a beautiful slide show out of her pictures. I havent posted it online yet, because this is going to be a surprise to show it on the party, but you can see another videos that i make by visiting my web site here


  1. Love the look, very pretty pink and I like how you put the lace on! The bling is super cute too.

  2. This is a very pinky and cute design and that lace looks amazing !

  3. Lisa your manicure is so lovely. Very feminine and pretty. Love it!

  4. Thanks a lot for all of you, i am really glad that you like it