Monday, May 11, 2009

Flirt after punch

As i promised - here are some seriously pink nails, not only pink but also kind of flirty, because of the little hearts. And i called it "flirt after punch" because the base if lovely, absolutely neon bright Essie "punchy pink" that i was hunting for a week or so :)
The only thing about this gorgeous piece of polish is that without top coat it gets really mate, and i didn't like it. But with the good top coat this polish rocks the summer :)
And don't forget to vote for this design, i really want to know what you think :)

End you also can enjoy a piece of Talon ( dog and love of my life :)) on the last picture


  1. Well those are just adorable - I love them! The name is perfect, they really are flirty! :-)

  2. Awesome stamping! And I love that hot hot pink!

  3. Beautiful Konad. Love the color and the design. I love anything with hearts on it. I love your title for it also.