Thursday, April 9, 2009

Invisible ...

I have have made some Easter nails for the Jamie's contest, with the little bunnies, that supposed to be on the blue polish, however my so call "blue" polish came up to be grey, so i think i did well, but it would be better to have more and better quality polishes .I am very jealous to girls that have all those tons and tons of polishes. i mean jealous in a good way, but i just realized that my stuff is mostly just a crap, and i need to renew it completely.
So to have it on a "paper" i need to get:
1.Marbling tools
2. Fimo fruits
3. Original konad plates
4. Nail art brushes
5. Nail art acrilic paint
5. Polishes.... tons of polishes ... many many tons of polishes :)

And here are some invisible design with the plate that does not fit for my nails. You almost cant see anything unless look from the special angle... Should i call this one something like - "secret garden gigantic flowers" ?


  1. This looks awesome! You are so good at nail art!

  2. So pretty! I really have to try this nail art. Looks really lovely and delicate. Happy Easter!