Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am number 2 :)

Today Brooke finally annonced the results of the nail -art contest, i have got a second place, which is really not bad. I am very proud of myself, because i honestly wanted to beleive but nether really expected.
Thank you very much Brooke! i am so so happy! it was really fun to make the nails and to wait for the results too. i really wish i could see other submitions too.
I feel like i want to take part in more contests, because this is really exciting.
For those who want to see the my contest design and a winer design, here is the link

And here is another nails that i did for the contest - fish bone


  1. Congarts to you! I thought your design was fantastic. Must have been hard doing the design of Brooke's blog. Liked your second design also. All of you ladies doing the designs are so inspiring. One of these days I will have to try a design.

  2. Thanks, Lucy .
    I just really wonder what stops you from trying to do desighn - you think that it is too hard to make or you are not sure that design will look good and appropriate on your nails?
    I met some people - females - who honestly think that designed nails is something that make you look like a hucker or something,m they said that they ll nether ever wear it. Well, tests differ, i don't care, i like to do it, and i think it looks cool.

  3. Hey girl! Congrats on your win, you did a fabulous job! Keep up the good work my dear :)