Friday, August 1, 2008

Konad Stamping nail art

Yestoday received the package with my Konad stamping nail art kit.
I have ordered it from, and i am very satisfied with the service and quality of the product. Service was really amazing, they kept in touch with me all the way - sent me lots of notifications on e mail, and i even get a chance to talk with them on the phone. The package was delivered in only 3 days from California to Colorado. So i advice this company for everyone who would like to order konad stamping nail art. And i swear that this is not a commercial but just a summery of my own my honest experience.
Actually this is the one of only 2 sites i have found on the interent that allow you to build you own kit. Even though the other site seem to sell it cheapper, i have red a bad reviews about them, that they sent just a regular nail polishes, which is useless, instead of the "special ones" And after all this other company is located in Singapore.

So i didn't really order a kit, but i have got all the polishes plates and tools separately, and for my 45$ - i have got 3 image plates ( M53, M60, M36), 3 special nail polishes (white, Dark purple and Gold), Image plates holder, scraper, and 2 sides stamper. Actually getting a 2 side stamper was the mail reason was essential for me, since my own nails are really small, i expected that smaller green side may be more comfortable to use fro me.
Sertanly as soon as i got my package i immediately started to play with it. Even though where is a lot of complains in the internet that it is hard to make this stuff work, i didn't find any difficulties with it. Nice, fast and easy. In the beginning it turned to be a little messy, but i believe with practice i ll get better with not making a mess. Also in my very first try for some reason, i couldn't make the image stick on the stamper. Later i realized that the only reason it wont stick, is because i had to use stamper faster - as fast as it possible, right after scrap a polish from the image plate. Another thing is that you have to scrap it really fast too or not all the polish will be removed. But once picture is on the scraper, you don't have to harry any more, even after five minutes it sticks on nails just fine.
i also have tried to use it with the acrylic paint instead of the special polish, it worked, but not as good as with special polishes, so i don't really think that acrilic paint can be an option. In fact the thin layer of the polish that last on the image plate, turns into a thin plastic film, and sticks on the stamper. This is pretty much like making your own nail stickers, except that it is much thinner.
As about polishes my only disappointing is gold one. I actually mentioned before - watching numberouse examples of designs, that most of them use white, black, dark purple ( which in fact look more interesting when just black) red and blue. And in fact i think that all those pink, blue ad reds, does not provide and impressive effect. The best look is with withe and dark purple. But i still decided to try the gold one. Well, it is absolutely useless on the light polishes, and you actually can see it only on black. It even does not seem to be visible even on the dark red and and blue base polish :(
Actually interesting detail is that you can mix the polishes and make a new colors.
Here are the pictures of my very first try of this product, and in fact i d like it a lot, and i do not think that it is bad first try.

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  1. What other company are you speaking of? I am about to make a purchase and I want to make sure I am getting it from a company with a good reputation.